Heartland Cookers and Smokers


Product Information

Heartland Cookers and Smokers are built with pride and to last a lifetime.  We use  heavy steel to make our cookers efficient, consistent, and long lasting.  All components are fabricated and precision cut using our CNC plasma machine. (we do not use old drums or barrels to make our cooking and firebox chambers). 
Our warmer / smoker boxes are made of 14 gauge diamond plate steel.  We fabricate the doors with a raised frame and bent lip edges.  They have lockable latches on the doors located on each side for complete access.  You can have a single center shelf or 2 shelves, fixed, removable, or slide out. We designed a damper system to let you regulate the heat and smoke to the level you desire.  We added a slide out prep table that stores nicely under the box when not in use. (The handle doubles as a handy towell rack) 

All of our rotisserie cookers have 4 cooking shelves (the 48" diameter models have 5) These are deigned to stay in place while in use, but easily removed if necessary. We offer the option of double racks for doubling your cooking area.  If cooking large meats such as briskets or turkeys, you can take the top shelf of the pair out easily.  We also offer meat trays and rib racks to expand your cooking capacity. 

The firebox is 1/4" steel.  We have a 30 year burn out warranty on them. The opening between the firebox and cooking chamber is designed to prevent fire flare ups out of the cooking chamber and dripping grease out of the firebox. The damper system is controlled by a cool touch handle and also double as an ash cleanout.  By working the handle back and forth the ashes are cleaned out through the damper openings.  We offer a removable ash pan to collect the ash, which can then be dumped where it won't make a mess where you are cooking.  The ash pan is standard on leg models, but can be added to any of our cookers.  We offer a stainless steel gas assist tuble burner which sets in the bottom of the firebox while still allowing use of wood and/or charcoal.  You can also choose a thermostatically controlled combustable air burner for all models.  You have the option as well of the thermostat controlled fan accessory. There are several brands of these, and we generally use the Guru brand.
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