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Mark and Alan started Heartland Cookers in 2009. We did not start with the intention of building a cooker business. Alan originally just wanted to build a grill for himself that was perfect, so he researched and looked at any grill he could find, and picked it apart. He took what was good on it and questioned everything he didn't like.  Eventually, he came up with a design that was the best of everything available and then some.  A friend and neighbor just had to have it and bought it from him.  Our friends and neighbors began seeing this grill and noticing the quality it had.  The local Elk's lodge does a tremendous amount of grilling weekly, and the main cook is a neighbor and personal friend of ours.  He liked what he saw and borrowed the grill.  A meat salesman and grill cook friend borrowed it, (he has his own now), and so it kept going.  We got feedback from all those that saw and used the grill, and modified and customized the design to where we are today.  So, I  guess you could say, the research and development team of this grill is a group of people who really know what a grill can and should do. We enjoy grilling and socializing with friends and family.  This pleasure, and the pride of coming up with something that people are truly proud to have and use is really the motivation that lead to what is now a full blown business that has created local jobs and produces a product we are truly proud to put  our name on.  We sincerely hope that you; will give our grill an honest and critical review if you are in the market for this caliber of a cooker.  Then, if it is an honest critique, we are sure we will be welcoming you  to the growing family of Heartland Cooker / Smoker owners.  Get a Heartland Cooker / Smoker, call your friends and family, hold the grandkids, have a great time, make memories, and send us pictures.  Thank you, and HAPPY GRILLING.
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